About Us

We are a top manufacturer of lapidary supplies, providing high-quality products and exceptional service to the industry. Our range of products includes resin lapidary wheels, lapidary bull wheels, lapidary grinding wheels, lapidary buffing wheels, lapidary polishing wheels, lapidary expanding wheels, lapidary resin polishing wheels, polishing lapidary wheels, glass lapidary wheels, diamond lapidary wheels, flat lapidary wheels, diamond Pacific genie wheels, lapidary wheel sets, lapidary drill bits,lapidary drill bit 3mm,gunther lapidary drill,sintered lapidary drill bits,best lapidary drill bits,best lapidary drill press, 1/8 lapidary drill bit, lapidary diamond drill bits,ultrasonic drill lapidary,lapidary + drilling holes,lapidary diamond core drill bits,lapidary bench drill press,lapidary diamond drill,Lapidary Sanding Belts,lapidary belt sander,lapidary belt buckle blanks,lapidary belt grinder,gunther lapidary belt buckle,lapidary wet belt sander,lapidary saw belt,belt for lapidary,lapidary drum belt,can diamond blade cut granite,can a dremel cut granite,lapidary belts,diamond lapidary belts,lapidary diamond sanding belts,lapidary supplies sanding belts,flexible sanding belt,sanding belts for concrete,belt sander,belt sander,2x48 sanding belts,sander belts for metal,drum sanding belts,2x82 sanding belts,sanding belts for belt sanders,diamond sanding pads for pottery,diamond sanding pads for orbital sanders,diamond sanding pads for multi tool,diamond sanding pads for concrete,diamond sanding pads near me,5 inch diamond sanding discs,and more.
We have extensive expertise in grinding and polishing for a variety of industries, including glass, stone, construction, composites, superhard coating, porcelain, hardware, and more. Our lapidary tools are ideal for gemstone industries, and we also offer solutions for the metal, textile, automotive, bearing, aviation, and cutting tool industries.
As a leading full-line producer of lapidary tools, we offer over 10,000 precision-built products of the highest quality, performance, and repeatability for virtually every manufacturing application. Our industry team can provide expedient solutions for your grinding, polishing, cutting, and drilling needs. Consult with one of our customer service associates to find the perfect tool for your needs.
With decades of experience and field practices in numerous countries and regions around the world, we have constantly improved and promoted our product quality. We firmly believe that our set of lapidary tools will be of great benefit to you, and we look forward to creating custom solutions that will enhance your productivity.